Evermay Consulting Group now offers Capture Services in response to our clients’ request for this kind of support. As an outgrowth of our Advisory Services that focuses on acquisition excellence and strategic partnership with the Government, Evermay’s Capture Services focus on helping our clients not only prepare to win strategic pursuits but also successfully deliver successful mission support after award. Our Capture and Proposal expertise, with reach-back to Advisory Services, dramatically increases the probability of a win, but for Evermay, it’s not enough to win; we work with our clients to ensure they can deliver on their promises.

Our Capture practice is rooted in the Shipley process and is highly adaptable to fit our clients’ needs or established practices. These services can be harnessed for unique purposes.  Three prime examples are highlighted below:

Windows on Capture.png

Discreet Capture Support
Supplemental (3+ months)

Capture Support Services to augment your Capture Leads
and provide continuous lift for
your pre-RFP pursuits.

Strategic Capture Management
Plan-to-Win (6 - 24 months) 

End-to-end Capture Management to complement your staff and achieve your strategic growth goals.


    Shaping (12-24 months ahead) 

    A longer preparatory lead-time is required, due to the significance and  complexity of :

    • new opportunities
    • emerging requirements
    • a governmentally or nationally significant program, or
    • an opportunity to measurably advance your organization’s ability to provide mission support