Services Overview

Our primary objective is to make you and your organization successful as you partner with and serve on Government’s most critical missions.  We accomplish this through an offering of three main services which can be procured separately or through a master services agreement:

1.  Advisory

We assess the acquisition landscape in your target markets and set the stage for advancement based on your corporate strategic goals. We serve as a conduit between Government and Industry to support mission success through a variety of services. We can help you navigate the maze of Federal acquisition process and gain a competitive edge.

2.  Capture

We lead or support strategic pursuit of a single program, bringing proven practices that enhance the probability of winning and meeting mission goals.  From Campaigns (18-24 months out) to Capture Management (6 to 24 months out) to Discrete Capture Support Services (3 months out), we help execute your strategic growth plans.

3.  Proposal

We provide distinctive proposal services to include proposal management, writing, graphics and/or conceptual artistry, as well as “Price to Win” strategy.  We build a team to complement yours in creating a proposal that is compliant, compelling and responsive.

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Evermay's Spectrum of Insight

Sprectrum of Insight.png

Evermay is continuing its tradition of Acquisition Excellence by offering a spectrum of strategic business services from strategy through capture and proposal. Our team is comprised of leaders, hand-picked for having lived the mission with integrity, and for being agents of change from within their previous organizations.